Rurelec PLC


Shareholder Information

Shareholder information (as of 7 July 2022)

Trading Information

Rurelec PLC trades on the AIM market only.

Issued share capital

561,387,586 ordinary shares of 1p each

Shares not in public hands

The total percentage of shares not in public hands: 53.99%

Shares not in public hands defined as being beneficial holdings of shares held by shareholders holding above 10% and the directors’ holdings.


Not in Public Hands

No. of Shares

Percentage %

Substantial Shareholders (holdings over 10%)

Sterling Trust Limited




Shares held as treasury shares

The percentage of shares held as treasury shares: 0.00%

Securities restrictions

There are no restrictions on the transfers of ordinary shares.

Rurelec’s significant shareholders (3% or over) are:

 No. of SharesPercentage %
Sterling Trust Limited 303,092,303 53.99
YF Finance Limited   48,282,583 8.60
Askar Alshinbayev   48,282,583 8.60
Mr & Mrs Scott 17,808,000   3.17
Peter Gyllenhammar AB 17,535,946   3.12

Rurelec's substantial shareholder is: 

Percentage of voting rights and number of shares of the issued share capital.

 No. of SharesPercentage %
Sterling Trust Limited 303,092,303 53.99


Shareholder Disclosure Requirements

Under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules (DTRs), shareholders and holders of financial instruments falling within DTR 5.3.1R(1) must sometimes make notifications. They require shareholders and holders of financial instruments falling within DTR 5.3.1R(1) to disclose to the issuer and to the FCA when their holding reaches or falls below a given threshold as a result of an acquisition or disposal of shares with voting rights attached or changes to any direct or indirect holdings of financial instruments or as a result of events changing the breakdown of the total voting rights (e.g. a new issue of shares by the Company).  Several exemptions and revised thresholds apply to certain market participants, for instance custodians and market-makers.

Notifications may be made using the TR-1 form (DTR 5.8.10R) ("Form TR1") which can be obtained from the FCA website including guidance notes to assist in the completion. The TR1 should be submitted to both the FCA and Rurelec PLC.

Completed TR1 Forms should be sent to Rurelec PLC’s Company Secretary at

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